God is love 

An amateur frazzled tired Mommys’ blog / autobiography of how with Faith and strength from the Lord. You can walk through a furnace and coals with the lions in the den and be unharmed and always loved by Jesus our Savior.

A bit about my life experience


A mother to four wonderful boys going through my second divorce have lost my entire family to cancer in a 5-year time span. In the same time span that I had three of my four children, I have lived in many different states and regions. I have done missionary work for God for many years. I have been a stay-at-home mom to an emissions inspector to a landscaper to a home health aide and ordained Minister and dog trainer amongst a few other things along the way. I will say this is giving me life experience and a unique perspective and outlook on life, Our Lord and the way we as people think, feel and behave and interact. I’m returning to school majoring in psychology, criminal Justice to help some of these children of the world and anyone else that I can. I have been called things such as brave courageous strong, independent something someone might look up to and possibly relate to; I feel like a lot of times a woman at the end of my ropes being held by God. Just breathing because it’s the only thing I can do to get through the next thing he has planned for me. This brings me to explain why I started in the middle and will bounce around a bit. They’re two reasons for that; 1) I went through trauma from pretty much birth which will get into much later all the way through present day and God has filled me with Gifts of the Spirit equipped me for whatever purpose and reason because in my opinion it’s not profound. I’m not a motivational speaker, Dr. Superhero, just a mom and a godly woman that strives for a closer walk with our Lord’s stronger relationship and to love his people . I don’t affect a lot of lives. I just affect the lives of my family my small community neighborhood and hometown. Since that first leap of Faith walking away from 20 years after being abandoned and abused and having nowhere to go and no one to turn to he had knowing if I wanted to do what was best for my three boys and myself. I would do what I had to do and God would have me as his gospel promises. Now friends, This isn’t a pity party about the bad things that’s happened to me ( see I count them. All is good for if I wouldn’t have walked the walk I did. I wouldn’t be here today. Grateful for where I am and so eager and desperate to help others have less of a struggle as I did). This is simply an introduction and just the taste again so I can have issues brought forward that someone else may relate to or find a similarity, Something in common and I just want to help in any way I can. That’s it for tonight. Please check back in for my next blog for my next tidbit of my drama to triumph victory walk with God.

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